Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fwd: Pete the Music Maker

From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 4:57 PM
Subject: Pete the Music Maker

Things that happened this week:
Sisters conference.
 All the sisters in the mission got together in Rego Park for a day of 
clothing exchanges, salad, and spiritual enlightenment! I got a new
outfit, discovered I don't actually hate salad, and realized that A)
sin and weaknesses are not the same thing. B) the Atonement of Christ
covers both of them, but it's through repentance we can be clean from
sin and through grace that our weakness can be made strong. C) God
shows us our weakness to help us turn to him. When we turn to him in
prayer and ask for help in overcoming our weakness, he can make us
strong! D) there is nothing we can do that will separate us from the
love of God. Literally nothing.

I ate Haitian food.
Haitian spaghetti, which is spicy. Mushroom rice, which is spicier.
This weird combo of cubed beets and carrots mixed in mayo, which turns
pink because of the beets. Also spicy. Legume, which is meat with
other stuff mixed in. Spicy. All the diri (Zooey, or rice) that I can
eat! Mamba, which is Haitian peanut butter. Also spicy. I really
really really like Haitian food. Like a lot. I don't think I'll ever
go back to regular peanut butter. That's a lie because I literally ate
regular peanut butter this morning, but it's because we don't have

There was a flood.
It stormed on Friday and our apartment parking lot was full of water
ankle deep. It was so fun!

I drove!
I am now a New York driver. Everyone prepare themselves for when I
come home. Jk, it was only for 15 minutes so I could get passed off to
drive in the future, but there were pedestrians and cars and bicyclists
everywhere and people are crazy. I almost died 0 times, but I felt
like almost dying lots more times than that.

We got taught.
There's this family, a husband and wife, we'd been teaching. I don't
know if said anything about them previously? Anyways, M and
Ch. are awesome. They're super sweet and always have way good
questions and truly want to know the truth. Ch. turned his life
around when he found M and the bible and wow their stories are
amazing! But this week they dropped us. They let us in for our lesson
and immediately started bible bashing in the nicest, most loving way
known to mankind. They were so worried for us because they'd found a
website comparing the bible and the Book of Mormon who's whole point
was to disprove the Book of Mormon. They even bore their testimonies
of Gods love for us. Holy cow. Talk about role reversal. But at the
end they hugged us and gave us hand shakes and gave us back their Book
of Mormon. While we were praying after the lesson I cried some tears
because I just love them so much! It's so hard when we find people who
are almost ready! Their hearts were being hardened and they didn't
even know it. It was so hard to see the gospel slip through their
hands like that! But I know God has a plan for them, and they'll have
more chances when they're ready.

Pete happened.
Pete the music maker, and the subject line of this email. What a guy.
Haha we had all our people cancel on us and so we were in the car
looking at our area book and praying. In the middle of our prayer Pete
tapped on my window. Thinking this was an answer to our prayers, that
we found someone to teach, I unrolled it and instead of teaching a
lesson we ended up telling him we don't date on the mission but we'd
love to see him at church sometime. He asked for a number, so we gave
him the elders. Hopefully Pete gets over the rejection quickly and
gets baptized. We can always hope, right? [In a separate email, Hannah 
explained that Pete told them he makes music to be more attractive to the 
ladies. Hm. Sounds like a couple people she knows. ;)]

Sorry this is so long!
But I just want to take a minute and explain God's love. I can't. It's
too all-encompassing. But try to imagine for a minute someone, your
Father, for instance, loving you so much that He created a world for
you. He sent His only perfect son, Jesus Christ, to live, suffer, and
die for YOU. He knows you, He knows your struggles, He knows your
happiness, He knows all of it. He made you you so you could get back
to Him. He loves you literally no matter what you do. No matter what!
How crazy is that! He constantly forgives, loves, guides, comforts,
all of that because He loves you! No matter what you're dealing with
right now, God is providing a way for you to get through it as we
speak. I know He hasn't forgotten you and He won't ever. If you need a
reminder, open the Book of Mormon or the Bible and let him remind you.
Actually, do that even if you think you don't need a reminder. Just
always do that. That's all. Okay. Love you! Have the best week, deal?

Sister Fouts

 Haitian food!!!!!! The black stuff on top is sos pwa and it black bean
soup. You're not supposed to put it on top of food like that, but we
don't know how you're supposed to eat it. Also rebels.

 [That mouth was MADE for New york Pizza!]
 [Awww, how...strange?...Wait...what?? They can't BOTH have Giraffe shirts!!]
[Since Sister Fouts doesn't tell us much, I divined that this is her trainer, Sister Wheeler.]

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