Monday, August 3, 2015

Fwd: I'm sorry we're embarrassing, but do you want a donut?

From June 23, 2015 Email:

Bon jou!! 

I'm officially in week 3, even though I've only had two P days. Weeks are really confusing here because I haven't figured out when they start (Wednesday or Monday?). But it's been so good! All the new mission presidents are having training here this week, so all the Apostles and President Monson will be here at one point or another over the course of the week. Tonight some of them are speaking to us, I will let you know who next week!! I also get to meet my mission president on Friday since I'm getting a new one. How cool is that??

So remember how I'm a solo sister but teach with a worker? Well turns out we now have 3 lessons a day and she can only be here for one of them. So I teach two lessons by myself starting tomorrow. Yesterday I only taught one by myself. It went surprisingly well for me not knowing the language and not having a companion who speaks French and can at least communicate with our investigators. It definitely helps that our investigators are our teachers, but one of them starting tomorrow will not be. That will be interesting, but I'm so excited! 

On Sunday we had interviews with the Branch Presidency. They told me how happy they were to have me here and how I helped the elders in my district so much. They thanked me for keeping them in line and bringing the Spirit so much more to my district. Later that week, one elder was making paper cranes out of sticky notes, one elder was drawing a picture of Joseph Smith on the whiteboard, another was spinning around the room in his chair, and another was standing on the desk hiding the paper cranes in the lights. Sorry, President Dowling. I will work on that. 

But about my lessons, because I'm really happy about those still, one of the investigators is a less active member. He believes everything about the Church except that God loves him. I don't know how that works, but okay. I was bearing my testimony to him in broken Kreyol. It sounded like this in English: I know God loves you. I know you pray you know God loves you too. You pray? You read Mosiah chapter 5? I know God loves you a lot. 
Like okay, that's going to convert all the people. Not. FALSE. The Holy Ghost was so strong!! I almost started crying, which is weird for me, and I could tell he felt it too. He agreed to read and said he'd think about praying. HUZZAH!!!! It was the best moment of my life. Because the cool thing about being a missionary is that it doesn't actually matter how you say the truth. Even in my most basic testimony, the Holy Ghost was able to work around the language barrier. "Seek not to declare my word, but seek first to obtain my word." It's super the coolest. 

About the subject line, my companion is going to Canada. I think that should explain it.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support!! It's absolutely amazing! You're wonderful! 
I hope you have a wonderful week and if you haven't prayed yet today, go do that. The power of prayer is incredible. If you have any question about whether or not God is aware of you, stop questioning. One thing that they talked about in the Sunday Devotional was that every single challenge we have was hand picked for us to help us be stronger and learn to rely on the Lord. He loves you so much, and He will help you through whatever crappy things you're facing right now. He knows what it's like to be in your place, because when He performed the Atonement He was there. Trust in Him no matter what!
I love you all!
Soeur Fouts

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