Monday, August 3, 2015

Fwd: M' ap boule!

From June 16, 2015 Email:

Bon jou zanmi e fanmi mwen!! Kijan ou ye?

I have officially survived the first week of the MTC. They told us you could split your mission into thrids - the first 3 days, the rest of the MTC, and the rest of your mission. I'll let you know if it's true or not, but I think it might be.

Sister Paget and Sister Dutson picked me up on Wednesday and it was seriously the greatest thing that has ever happened. Also I love the MTC. I love it so so so much. 

Here is the down low. I'm a solo sister, meaning I'm the only sister in my district. My companion is Sister Lonas, and she and my other two roommates are going to Montreal speaking French, and they've been here for 3 weeks already. They are already halfway done, how crazy is that? So most of my day is spent in a very small classroom (which I love) with 5 elders (who are great most of the time) and 3 of them graduated high school two weeks ago (it shows). Our zone is made up of 3 districts, two speaking French and our Kreyol district. I'm the only one going to NY. I hardly spend any time with my companion, which is sad because Seour (Sir, but more French) Lonas is amazing, but I guess I don't have a chance to get sick of her! I go a lot of places with my elders, and people think I'm breaking all the rules but I'm not, pinky promise. 

About the subject line. Our first day, we dropped our stuff off in our rooms and went straight to our classrooms where the teacher starts yappin at me in Kreyol and I am not understanding a word coming out of that man's mouth. The first thing he teaches us is basic conversation starters, like Kijan ou ye (how are you?) and S' ak pase (wassup?) Then we said them off to each other. The answer to S' ak pase was M' ap boule, which means I'm buring up!! Which is accurate for everything about this place. First of all I am literally burning up. Like it's so hot. Everywhere. They don't have AC or something. Second, the Spirit is so strong here! You feel it everywhere you go! So I'm burning up with the Spirit of God, too! Then I'm burning up because Kreyol is so fast. We met our first Ayisyen investigator on yesterday, and we just started by saking him questions. I had to read every word off a paper and I understood maybe 5 of his words. I seriously felt like crying after he left. Then we had 2 hours minus a half hour for dinner to prepare a lesson to teach Jean. In Kreyol. AH. But then the lesson went so well! I taught with an MTC worker who speaks French since my companion is not really my 24/7 companion. But because we didn't have a lot of time to translate, my testimony was not written out. BUT. I was still able to testify of the truth of the restored gospel to this man! It was amazing! I could understand almost everything he said, too! And he agreed to keep the committments we gave him! M' AP BOULE! The gift of tounges is real, my friends!

Some of the funnier things that have happened: 

Elder Ariotti (who is my district leader. also i went to high school with him.) and I guessed each other's spirit animals in no more than 3 guesses. His is a blue whale. Mine is a silverback gorilla. We even got the blue and the silverback parts in that amount of guessing. BOOM. 

We found a rotting orange with a sombrero and a mustache in the vent above my bed. It's name is Petry, which was the name of our ghost that we blame things on. We don't know how long it's been there, but when we unscrewed the vent it smelled really bad. No, we didn't take it out. Petry will be our legacy for the next group of sisters. 

Also, can I just say thanks to everyone?? You are all seriously the best. I feel so loved! I've received more letters and emails in the last week than I ever have ever. You all rock. My entire district is jealous. You da!!!

Next part. This won't apply to everyone, but I'm putting it in anyway for the people who will know. 
These are all the people I've seen and talked to so far:
Sister Paget (Holla at yo gurl)
Sister Orchard
Sister Dutson
Sister Jones
Sister Toomey
Sister Kartchner
Elder Ariotti
Elder Wilson 
Elder Baskin
Elder Thornock
Elder Lewis
Elder Atwood

Wow all the people!

Okay. Wrapping up. Dezole. I'm so thankful to be a missionary! I love it so much! It's hard and we study A LOT. Like if we aren't eating or teaching, we are studying. Study all the days. But I love every minute of it! I've learned so much already and I can't believe how much I love the gospel and how much I love Kreyol Ayisyen! It's amazing! Thanks again for everything, you are all great!

Avek tout renmen mwen,

Seour Fouts

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