Monday, August 3, 2015

From July 7, 2015 Email:

Okay wow. I literally can't remember anything that happened this week except for the 4th of July. The 4th of July was great. There was much celebrating on my part. I was the most patriotic human at the MTC, I'm pretty sure. We had a special devotional about Murica which was great, we sang some songs and there was a parade of flags. Then the speaker stands up after about an hour of these festivities and talks FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. We could hear the fireworks happening outside. It was torture. I definitely did not have the right attitude about that and I'm sure I could have learned a lot if I wasn't so focused on this spectacular country of ours, but I was and I have repented and let us move on. He kept saying "I know our time is short, but..." and other things like that when really what he should have said was "I know you don't actually want to hear me talk about Christopher Columbus for 20 minutes, so how about we just go watch the fireworks?" I was actually planning an escape route at one point, but as it involved leaping and I was wearing a patriotic skirt, I couldn't carry it out. But we still saw the fireworks and they were beautiful!! The only downer was the a giant tree was blocking the finale, but it's okay because we could hear it and see the light and there were glowsticks and it was so fun! Also you could see the people in the field behind the MTC, and I knew they could see the finale, so I lived vicariously through them. 
We said goodbye to lots of people this week, including our oldest District (and my companions) and our beloved Apostle Elder Packer. That makes me sad, but he served for such a long time and he did so much good in the world. He loved the scriptures, so we should too! The Lord takes care of His servants, and we know Elder Packer is at rest finally with our Father in Heaven. 
I leave for the New York in 2 weeks. It's fine. 
Also apparently shark week came early this year and this is so exciting!!! Everyone go read your scriptures and celebrate sharks! 
My new companions are great, and one of them went to USU and knew lots of the same people I do. I do not know how we didn't run into each other, but how fun is that??? So fun. That is the answer.
Also we now have a full room with 6 girls, but it's such a good thing! They are all so fun! Today we had a jam session because one of the girls has a ukulele so we sang come thou fount in a round with Joseph Smith's first Prayer and it was so fun. 
Oh! The teacher I taught with, Soeur Waldron, left for Mongolia this week. She won't be back until after I'm gone, so I'm now teaching all my lessons by myself. It's interesting, that's for sure. One of the investigators, Jean, has a baptismal date, but he really likes to drink. It's okay because we are working on that. Also Pierre, the less active member I'm teaching, is making progress as well. My teacher Fre Chandler (who is also the man who pretends to be Jean) told me to find a "gold tag" investigator. Gold tags are volunteers who just come to the MTC and hang out for a few hours so we can contact them and teach them. Some of them are members, but most of them are not. They're interested in the church and what we believe, and they're here to find out and also help us learn how to teach. So that will be fun! I'll teach the Gold Tag with my new companions, though, so that will be exciting! 
Spiritual gem of the week: A lot of times, especially as missionaries, we talk about being able to recognize the Spirit and being able to tell the difference between a prompting and just our own thoughts. A lot of people, including myself, go with the idea that if it's better than ourselves, it's the Holy Ghost prompting us. But think about this for a minute. How often do you think Christ had to be prompted by the Spirit of God? Probably never because He did everything the way He did it because He was perfect. He didn't need that help. In the bible, we learn that He gave His apostles the Holy Ghost AFTER He left them. They didn't need it when He was there because they literally had the Son of God with them to show them they way. As we become more and more Christlike, the less we will need the Holy Ghost to show us what to do. Don't get me wrong. We are imperfect and will be until the resurrection. We absolutely need the Holy Ghost for everything we do. I pray for His help and guidance probably 50 times a day. But stop worrying so much about whether it's a good thought from the Holy Ghost or a good thought or idea from you. It doesn't actually matter. Every good thing is from God, so just do it! You feel like you need to help that lady weed her garden? Go for it. It doesn't matter if it's your idea or the Holy Ghost's idea, it's a good thing to do! Don't second guess nice things just because you suspect it might not be divine inspiration. Do what Christ would do. Strive to live so you can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. It's a wonderful gift! We need to show Christ what we will do to honor it. I hope that made sense. If not, don't worry about it. Just do good stuff and you will be blessed. That's all. 
Funny thing of the week: A sister in our zone twisted her ankle really badly (not the funny part. Just wait.) during gym time, and we all thought it was broken but it wasn't (still not the funny part.) On Sunday, we walk around the Provo temple grounds, but when you are on crutches that is a hard thing to do. We get to the gate and the guard guy asks if we want a wheelchair. At that moment, an elder pushes his companion by in a wheelchair and Soeur Pace (one of my new companions) asks if we can have that since they're done with it. But here's the thing. I've seen the kid before Sunday in this wheelchair. He didn't have crutches. He needed the wheelchair, but he just is like, Uh, sure? And hops on out of it. THEN HE HOPS ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE MTC. HE HAD TO HOP UNDER THE ARM THAT STOPS CARS FROM GOING THROUGH BECAUSE THE GATE CLOSED. WE STOLE THIS POOR ELDER'S WHEELCHAIR. It was the funniest and saddest thing I've ever seen!! He was so confused but so nice! Oh my goodness gracious it was hilarious.
Okay I love you all and I will send pictures this week. Good deal. 
Avek lanmou,
Soeur Hannah Fouts

Petry our creepy vent orange.

Souer Waldron (my teaching person who left for Mongolia) and me accidentally matched and it was adorable.

Soeur Lonas and I purposefully matched the flag because America and that too was adorable.

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