Monday, August 3, 2015

Fwd: Live from New York

From July 27, 2015 Email:

Okay so my list doesn't work on my iPad, so there are significantly
less people getting this than normal. Mother, if anyone asks questions
about why I'm not emailing them anymore that is why.

Well wow! I'm really here!
The first day we landed, got our luggage in the car and went street
contacting in Jamaica Queens. It was awesome! There were people
everywhere and Haitians everywhere and food carts and snow cones and
smells and buildings and wow. We were the only white people. It was so
fun!!! I wasn't afraid to talk to people, and we placed some pamphlets
(or got people to accept the booklets we have on various principles of
the gospel.) I was the only one in my group who had fun with it
though. The other elders and sister were way freaked out. I guess I am
crazy. But it was fun!
I found the cure for cancer. It looks very sketchy, it's herbal, and
it was being sold by some guys who looked like they'd been high for a
few days. It also cures HIV and many other diseases. Who knew?
My companion is named Sister Wheeler and she is great! We're in the
Lynbrook area, which is more suburbs than city. We have a car. There
aren't as many Haitians out here, but there are a few in our ward and
we found a Haitian family when we were knocking doors. They let us
rift in and we had a lesson right then and there! I was able to
understand most of it and say some things. I also told them a krik
krak  and they thought it was hilarious. Because it was.
Sister Wheeler and I have found the perfect quesadilla. You take the
tortillas, some kraft Mac and cheese, some real cheese, some canned
chicken, and you make a quesadilla out of all of it. Then you melt
cheese on the outside and done.
It's beautiful here! There's so many trees! The humidity isn't
terrible, either. My hair is loving it. What else is about it?
My first day was rough. Everyone shut the door in our faces except the
Jehovah's Witness who talked at us for half an hour and the partially
deaf man in his underwear.
But since then it's been great! We've found a bunch of families who
are ready and the work is progressing! I love it! We gotta go, so I'll
talk to you more later!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Hannah Fouts

View from my kitchen window!

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