Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fwd: 2/10

From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 4:28 PM
Subject: 2/10

Wow I have no time today because we played handball with the elders. I
am very bad at handball. But this week was AWESOME!
We had the most spiritual lesson of ALL TIME this week! I'll write
about it next week because I need more time. But yeah, it was the all
time coolest!
We found a lot of Haitians, including one who is positive we are her
best friends. Whenever she sees us she shouts "Zanmi m! Zanmi m!"
Which is "my friends! My friends!" And it just makes my heart feel
I had to give a surprise talk on Sunday. We walked in to church and
the 2nd counselor was telling us how awesome sacrament was going to be
with our awesome speakers, Elder Young, Brother Carter, and Elder, I
mean sister Fouts! Um excuse me not elder and fine. I will speak. So I
did and it was great!
God loves you and I love you and I'm sorry I can't write everyone
back! I will get on that next week! Love you! Look at Alma 34, it's
the best.
Sister Fouts

-Also, from an email to Ann - 

"...This week has been good! It's weird because I've almost been out for 3
months. A year and a half seems a lot shorter after 3 months because
then it's only a year and three months. Weird. For [some] reason I
literally cannot remember anything that happened to me this week. I am
so sorry! Haha oh yeah. There is a thing. We were knocking [on a door] and a lady
was crossing the street. We said "hi" and she said "alo" and my Haitian
senses started tingling! But we'd already knocked so we couldn't walk
away from the door for another minute and by that time she was an
awkward distance away from us...so I yelled, "excuse us!" And stopped
her. Sister wheeler said her first thought when I did that was "oh no.
What is sister Fouts doing? She's so awkward!" Hahaha but it worked
out! She was in fact Haitian and no speak English, and we found out
she knew the church from Haiti and really wanted to visit but couldn't
find one here. "Um yes we can help,with that."..."

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