Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fwd: Bagels and pizza

From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 4:49 PM
Subject: Bagels and pizza

No time, this is mostly so you all know I am not dead. I ate real New
York bagels and pizza this week! Not at the same time. Did anyone else
know bagels are a big deal in New York? I didn't until I got here, but
there are bagel shops literally everywhere. The pizza was awesome. I
will eat more of it tonight. WOOT WOOT.

I saw Throgs Neck Bridge and waved at Erin Geiger over in Bronx and
Shane Hinckley, even though I'm not sure if he's in the Bronx this
week so that was fun!
What else is about it? We had exchanges which was AWESOME. The sister
I was with reminded me so much of my cousin Kate and so now I'm
jealous of all the companions Kate had ever.
We were almost attacked by some squirrels so that was weird but no
worries, we were safe in the car. The squirrels here are INSANE.
They're scary creatures, let me tell you.
What else. Emails are hard under pressure!
Our investigators are all awesome! We're really close to baptismal
dates with a few of them! We had to drop N's because she isn't
coming to church, and we're way sad about it. But we're still working
with her and she's still awesome!
We got to lead the primary kids in singing time on Sunday and that was
hilarious! They're so much fun!
My mom sent me a shark towel and now everyone here is convinced I'm
obsessed with sharks which isn't untrue, so that's super fun!
Haha sorry this is a lame email. I love the gospel and I love being a
missionary! It's harder than I expected, but in good ways. I'm growing
and learning and it's great!
I love you all! Don't forget to pray and to rely on Christ! He can
overcome anything you're going through, pinky promise.

I love you! Have a great week!

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