Monday, August 3, 2015

Fwd: Bon bagay!!!

From June 30, 2015 Email:

Wow, this week has been so crazy! 

Remember how all the mission presidents and all the Apostles and the Prophet were all going to be here? Well I didn't see any of the Apostles, and there were no sightings of the Prophet, but I saw lots of mission presidents. I got to meet mine, and they are the cutest people ever. They're both really short and nice and they gave us ice cream and they told us really cool things, like how I will be trained by a Creole sister, and how they will keep us speaking our assigned languages until we have reached every person who speaks our language in our mission, which makes me happy. I was worried they'd switch me around a lot. It would be cool to pick up on other languages, but I'm sure that will still happen and I will be able to spend my whole mission with the Haitains!! HOLY COW I LOVE HAITIANS SO MUCH. Thursday and Friday, they had mission presidents practice teaching in various districts. The ones assigned to our district were President and Sister Raphael, who happen to be the future mission presidents of the Haiti Port au Prince mission. They are both Haitian, and holy cow they speak fast! Let me tell you the story of how we offended them in Haitain. It was really good.
Remember how we learn krik kraks and it's really fun? Well one of our teachers taught us a phrase that is only to be used when you're on very good terms with the person and it supposedly gets a lot of laughs. Well, Elder Child told them our new krik kraks at the end of their lesson. We got really good reactions. You can be having a perfectly normal conversation with a Haitian, but as soon as you pull out the krik kraks, it's like their 5 years old. President Raphael even pretended to be donkey for one he told us! Then we told him to say our new fun phrase. He does, and before it's halfway out of his mouth both of them are gasping and waving their arms and talking really fast and saying, "DON'T SAY THAT! DON'T SAY THAT!" Then Elder Petit (Child) got a lecture on learning the culture of the people so he doesn't offend anyone and how to never ever say that again. The poor elder looked so scared!! We were torn between laughing at his face and being as scared and apologetic as he was, but now we know. Do not call someone, even your companion, uglier than Jean Jacques Desaline. Ever. It is bad. Just say no. 

We got to teach in TRC, which is where members who speak our language come and we teach them as themselves instead of as fake investigators. There was a mix of return missionaries who spoke Haitian and Haitians, and we got to teach a few of each. It was so cool! Wow I love Haitians. Have I said that already?

Also, as far as other languages go, I accidentally said my prayer last night starting in French, half Kreyol and half English in the middle, and ending in Kreyol. It's a confusing life. On top of that, one of the elders in my zone is from Tanzania and he is teaching me Swahili. Then I made friends with an elder from somewhere in Africa going to Madagascar, and he is teaching me words in Malagese (I think that's what it is.) WOW! ALL THE LANGUAGES! 

I have 3 more weeks here, and it's weird to think that I'm half way through my time here. I'm a little nervous because I have so much left to learn, but at the same time, I am so excited for NY. BUT I've started teaching almost all my lessons on my own, and I can now teach without notes in complete Kreyol. Holy cow life is cool. Also on Sunday they picked me to speak and I gave the whole talk in Kreyol. SO FUN!!! 

OH! Funny thing. So they made all the sisters move into a really big, nice new building called 17M. We moved in on Tuesday. Then they discovered bats, so they had us move back out of 17M and into a different building to avoid the rabies disease. It was very deceptive, actually. They called an emergency sisters' meeting, and everyone thought this was when we'd meet our general authority!! Then he's like, so we about to straight up change yo lives. We were even more excited then, and no he didn't actually talk like that. Then he's says, you are moving back out of 17M! My comp and I were actually pleased with this because the new rooms had weirdly large, open showers and small closets, but there were 6 closets so we had one specifically for snacks. We even had them organized by drawer, so that was a bummer, but other than that it was fine. We ran home and packed up and moved! All the elders in the MTC helped out, and it was just one enormous moving party! It was so fun! We helped sisters move their stuff up the stairs, because the elders couldn't come in the residence building. After every sister in the MTC was moved, I realized I was missing two of my suitcases. So then we had adventure number whatever and went to find my luggage!! Don't worry, I found it. It was good. Especially because one of them only had my pillow in it, which would have been sad to lose.

Also we now have a mini fridge. Don't ask. It may or may not say "MTC Dining Facilities" on it. We keep ice cream and drinks from the cafeteria in it and for some reason my roommate keeps fruit snacks in the freezer part of it. That is all. 

Life is so fun!!

Also can we talk about the Holy Ghost for a minute? He is just the coolest. Once you're confirmed, you can have the constant companionship of the 3rd member of the Godhead. HOLY CRAP. SUPER COOL. Also I really love the scriptures. They are my favorite! So moral of the story is live worthy of the Holy Ghost, because He loves you just like our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ and He will give you all the guidance you ask for! Wow. So cool. Okay. 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week, friends! 

Avek lanmou,
Soeur Fouts

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