Monday, August 3, 2015

Fwd: Straight outta Lynbrook

Hello friends and family!
What a crazy week! It went by way faster than the first week I was
here, for whatever reason. We taught some more Haitians, and that was really fun. It's way exciting to get to teach in Creole, especially after teaching in English so much. One of the ladies' houses belongs on that show Hoarders. There was stuff everywhere and the chair I was perched on was about to break. It creaked and swayed around whenever I moved, so I just held really still. She talked a lot. I caught maybe 50% of it which I guess is pretty good!

We were knocking doors one day and found this girl named A. At first we thought she wasn't interested, but then she finds out we're with a church and she says, "Wow! I'm actually so glad I found you guys!" Like what? And then she called us on Friday and asked if she could get a ride to church. Um, yes. Yes you can. So that is the sweetened condensed version of my first investigator who came to church.

We also got a baptismal date set for N! She lives in Hempstead,
which is where we aren't allowed to go after 6 PM, and she is awesome! She's not coming to church, which is problematic, but hopefully we'll get that figured out soon. After we left that lesson with her where we set the date, I wanted to heel click for joy, but A) it was raining and windy and those are not good combinations with a skirt and B) we were in Hempstead and I'd probably get beat up for heel clicking so I refrained.

We had another way good lesson with an online referral (someone who requested a Bible, Book of Mormon, or missionary visits on and her husband. They were asking tons of questions and seem really interested! It was so great!

Then there's K. Holy cow that woman is amazing. I actually don't know why she isn't a member already. She's been coming to church for like 5 years and had an honorary calling and took the temple prep classes and everything. In our lesson she was asking more questions about the temple than she was about baptism.

We have had the most delicious food this week. The members here love feeding us and it's the best. We've had Dominican food which is incredible and Philippino food which is equally amazing and this week we have some visits with Haitian members so that will be real good!

OH I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE FLOWERS. So there are lots of really beautiful flowers here, but lots and lots of people "plant" fake flowers. Like they get the plastic and fabric flowers from dollar tree and then they stick them in the dirt and pretend they have a really nice garden and it's the funniest thing ever.
That about sums up my week! 

Thanks for all the support, you're the best!

Avek lanmou,
Sister Fouts

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