Monday, September 28, 2015

Fwd: Jewish?

From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 2:23 PM
Subject: Jewish?

Okay. This week has been so long and so good and so full of miracles!
We met some really funny people, including a cat lady with a front
porch covered in cat food and a Jamaican man who said he was Bob
Marley's son because my bag has green yellow and red on it. Then he
quoted Bob Marley song lyrics at us for half an hour. We taught cat
lady the restoration and got a return appointment! Hurrah! Haha as for
the subject line...we're sitting in the mall emailing and a Jewish guy
of a questionable age (facial hair said 23, hanging at the mall with
buddies said 15) runs over to us and asks "Jewish?" No....and then he
ran away and joined his Jewish friends. We narrowly avoided being hit
on. Its what we get for wearing church clothes in Lynbrook, I guess.
Fun fact, there's actually a really big Jewish community in our area.
Okay good story.

Wow. This week! Remember how I talked about the promise of asking
everyone who we can teach and getting an abundance of people? This
week was mostly looking people up, but next week we have 19 set
lessons. 19!!! Woo!

We delivered a bible to a media referral and A) she was Haitian, B)
said, "oh, you be talkin about Jesus? Come on in!" And then we had a
Lesson with her and her daughter and they almost came to church his
Sunday. But they're way solid and we'll hopefully get them to a
session of conference this weekend.
We had 3 investigators come to church!!! Wow! So fun! Two of them were
Haitian and we've only met with one of them before, N. But N
brought her friend, M, and they loved sacrament (which was
awesome, because some of the members bore some pretty interesting
storie-monies, and one of them said a prayer to end world hunger over
the pulpit) and they wanted to pay tithing by the time they left. Um
how long does it take to fill the baptismal font again? ;) the other
was K, the one who's been coming for the last 10 years but stopped
about 6 months ago. We're really excited about this, because we think
she's almost ready to set a date!!! She's almost ready, just has some
fears holding her back.
Remember the red head who we helped paint a mural for peace day? Well
we finished the mural and taught her about and left her with the Book
of Mormon this time! She was super interested and excited to read it!
I'll try and get some pictures of the mural so you can see it.

New York is great. It's starting to be fall and it rained this morning
and people are crazy and there are speed trap snap claps everywhere
and it's just a real good time!

Okay friends. Conference is this weekend! Who is SO excited?!?! Nah?
Well you are WRONG! Haha but seriously, conference is such an
incredible opportunity. The Pope was in Manhatten this Last week
(sorry, not my mission. Herman Geiger, where you at?) and people had
to buy tickets to see him. I have no idea what he said, but it doesn't
really matter. As wonderful as that man may be, he is not the Prophet.
And we get to hear the real true honest to goodness Prophet of God and
the Apostles of the Lamb teach us this weekend. WOAH. We get to
sustain 3 new Apostles! We have revelation from the living God! Wow!
So challenge of the week is to write down a few questions you have. "I
don't have any questions." Make one up, I believe in you! If you
really have nothing, ask Taci. She probably has lots. "I don't know
how to write." Have my mom write it for you. She has good handwriting.
That's all the excuses I have in my brain, okay next step. Listen!
Listen to every session of conference you possible can! Open your
hearts to the message these men have to share with us. I know when you
do that, you WILL get answers.

Okay interjection. It just happened again. The Jewish thing. This time
they were carrying a weird assortment of fruits and herbs and used a
complete sentence instead of one word. I dont actually know what is

Also does anyone have anything on type 2 diabetes yet?

Haha I love you all so much! Thanks for all your support and love! I
couldn't do this without you! God lives. This is the true church.
Christ is the Savior of the world, and your personal Redeemer. Have a
wonderful week, zanmi m!

Sè Fouts

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