Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fwd: Be happy about acne!

From: "Hannah Fouts"
Date: Sep 8, 2015 3:57 PM
Subject: Be happy about acne!

Hello people of my life!

 Did you know how awesome you all are? The coolest. That's all. So p
 day changed for the holiday! How fun is that? Super fun!

 Cool things that happened this week:
 We painted a mural for peace day because I have red hair. We were
 tracting and found a lady cleaning her garage. We offered service,
 discovered we are kindred spirits because of the red headed ness, and
 bam. She invited us back to paint! She wasn't interested in the
 gospel, but we were able to help her realize Mormons aren't Amish and
 also we believe in peace just like her! The school she teaches at
 holds an annual peace day and it sounds like a party. We won't be able
 to go, because Brooklyn isn't in our area, but it was fun painting.

 Nou tè pale Kreyol! We knocked a door and the guy who answered said
 they were busy for Labor Day, then saw our name tags and was like, is
 that Creole? And we were like, wi! Eske ou pale Kreyol? And he was
 like, wi! And then his wife heard us and was like Vini! Chita! Chita!
 And then she showed us all her wedding photos which were so so so good
(and that translates to funny) and then bam. We had a lesson. She told
 us she went to church because she could feel the Spirit of God fill
 her whole body, and she could feel that same spirit with us. I love it
 SO MUCH when people say things like that because literally that is the
 goal. I pray for that about 50 times a day. I fasted for that on
 Sunday. We study for 4 hours every morning so we can have the Holy
 Ghost with us so powerfully people can feel it immediately. It is just
 the coolest and I love it!

 I literally ate all the food. All of it. The ward had a Labor Day
 picnic and we went because 5 hours of interacting with active members,
 less actives, and non members in a non threatening situation (the
 church was 5 minutes away so if we needed an emergency baptism it
 wouldn't take too long 😜) is just the best situation to be in!! And
 we stayed for all 5 hours. And because it is a picnic, there was food.
 Which I ate, for about 5 hours. It was just so good and there was food
 from different countries which how do you say no to that? You don't.
 You just eat it.

 Oh! We had transfers this last week. No changes, I am staying here. Huzzah!

 Now for the subject line. We dropped by a less active family this
 week, and they are the coolest people ever. The mom is 42 and recently
 accidentally dyed her hair green and was happy about it. She was happy
 about everything. She told us she was getting some acne, and people
 told her she shouldn't be getting acne at this age. She told us "pf! Acne means 
your skin is alive! Do you know what has nothing growing on
 it? A desert. A dried up cracked desert. I don't want my face to be a
 desert. I want my skin to be alive and growing and healthy!" So here
 is the challenge of the week: be happy about acne. If there is
 something hard or ugly or painful or pussy in your life right now,
 find a reason to be happy about it! Even if it just means you are
 alive! Because "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they
 might have joy." (2 Nephi 2:25) God didn't create you to be miserable
 or sad, He created you to be successful and happy and awesome. So go
 do that. That's all I have to say. Yup. Okay love you all so much! I
 know I didn't get back to pretty much anyone on letters and emails
 this week, but I promise I read them and I think about you and I
 watched Kate's wisdom teeth videos, so I will reply one day! Have the
 best week ever, my fabulous friends!

 Avek lanmou,
 Sè Fouts


  1. I had to read your post after seeing that funny title. (I went to seminary with your dad and you visited our ward for Sacrament meeting just before you left on your mission.) Thanks for sharing that message. I needed that this week with so many things happening in my life. Thanks again! I pray you are healthy and safe and find those that are seeking the truth.

  2. What's Creole for "Love ya!"? because that's what I want to say. Wonderful to hear your great adventures and positive thoughts. Carry on, Sister Fouts!