Monday, September 14, 2015

Limiting Reactants and Fire Alarms

From: Hannah Fouts 
Date: Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 2:06 PM
Subject: Limiting Reactants and Fire Alarms

Bon jou zanmi m ak fanim m! Kouman ou ye? Mwen byen, mesi!
[Good day my friends and family! How are you? I'm well, thank you!]

This week has been SO FAST. Seriously like how are we only 3 weeks
away from general conference?
Really quick, here are some weird things about New York. Sorry if i
already told you but I'm gonna tell you again.

The sirens. I Have not heard the same siren twice now. I don't even
know how that is possible because i thought there was just one generic
siren for all emergency vehicles but apparently here they each have
their own customized siren. Weird. Not even two fire trucks sound the

There are 4 runners EVERYWHERE. For those of you not aware, my car is
a 4 runner named Bruce. He is really good at everything. At first i
didn't know why New Yorkers love them so much because they don't get
the best gas mileage compared to compact cars, but then i realized it
was so they could go over barriers and curbs when the traffic is slow.
Literally people just do whatever the heck they want. Oh! Emergency
vehicles will a lot of times turn on their lights and sirens, get
through the red light, and turn them off again. Whatair.

Crazy things.
We helped a recent convert we've been working with, A, move boxes
around her house. Her landlady was there and i guess some of the stuff
was hers because man she was bossy! Also she had the longest fingernails i have [e]ver seen. Fact: when you never clip your nails,
they curl. They were about 5 inches past her hands and man were they curly. Also you have to paint them a gross black color because they
turn yellow and gross black is the only thing that covers gross yellow, apparently.
A child pulled the fire alarm at the church. 4 fire trucks and a bunch of other cars with sirens showed up. Like previously stated, all their

sirens were different and it was super crazy!

Food i ate:
Jamaican. So good. SO GOOD. Mutton curry and jerk pork and rice and
wow! Its really spicy because apparently in Jamaica pepper keeps cancer away. And by pepper they just mean all spices that are spicy.
Japanese and Chinese. This doesn't super count because a member took
us to a sushi buffet that also had Chinese food, but i still ate lots
of sushi and lots of orange chicken so there is that.
Watermelon. I ate half a watermelon and got sick. Moral of the story:
don't do that. Except still eat watermelon, just maybe not half of

Service! We got to help out at the bishop's storehouse and that was fun
because it was like grocery shopping but also service. Holla! We also
pushed [people] in wheelchairs around a carnival and that was fun. I saw Sister
Young and we took pictures and one of them is literally the ugliest
picture I've ever had taken of me in my life, including pictures from
junior high. Its bad, people. I'd send it to you, but its on Sister
Young's ipad. Never taking a candid laughing picture AGAIN.

So many. All the miracles. We finally got a hold of two women we've
been trying for ever since i got here and man! They are both so
prepared! The Spirit was so strong in both of the lessons, and one of
them started crying when she was saying the closing prayer. Its so
cool to be able to help people talk to their Heavenly Father!
I Taught a lesson in Creole by myself because we were on exchanges.
And it was awesome! I was able to understand Sofie, and she was able
to understand me! The gift of tongues is real.

On limiting reactants:
I once went to college and took a chemistry class and learned about
limiting reactants. Basically you have a chemical reaction. One
reactant is in excess, or you have more of it than you do the other
reactant. Thus it can only react to the extent of the limiting
reactant. Is that making sense? Anyway, we are the limiting reactant.
God is trying to work through us, but He is all powerful, all awesome,
stuff like that, and then there's us. We're so small and so afraid to
do His work, and so we limit ourselves and God. Man that is
depressing, Sister Fouts. Why would you say that? BECAUSE first of all
we need to recognize that God can do anything. We need Him. But He
also needs us to take care of each other, to share His gospel, and to
grow. When we open our hearts, square our shoulders, and move forward
in faith, He can accomplish much greater things through us than when
we let fear take over or when we decide it's too hard or too late or
we're too tired or not good enough. You ARE good enough. It is NEVER
too late. Through God, ANYTHING is possible. Sleep when you're dead!
That's all. I love you all so much! Thanks for all your support and
love! You rock at life!

Sè Fouts

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