Monday, September 21, 2015

Fwd: Tout mirak yo toupatou!

From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 1:22 PM
Subject: Tout mirak yo toupatou!

Hello people of my life!

How is everything? Bon bagay!
Wow this week was so good! So crazy but so good! We had a member of
the 70, Elder Bennett, come speak to our mission. He and his wife came
and spoke to us for many hours of the day and it was so AWESOME. From
9 am to 5 pm we counseled. He talked about where our mission is
slacking (turns out that is everywhere) and how it's causing a major
problem for the work. We have the lowest percentage of missionaries
waking up at 6:30 of all missions in the world. Awkward. (I'm waking
up on time, no worries!) He said "Not waking up at 6:30 and being on
your knees praying at 6:31 is choosing to start your day in
disobedience. Not being in your bed at 10:30, lights out, is choosing
to end your day in disobedience. If you aren't willing to do the
basics, how do you expect God to bless you?" Woah. Okay. So we have
made a mission wide goal to do that, and we are definitely seeing the
miracles that follow exact obedience. We continued talking about
obedience for 3 and a half hours. There is so much! Friends. If we
don't obey, we don't get blessings. It's as simple as that. When we
disobey we are telling God we know better than Him. Yeah, obedience is
kind of a big deal. It can be hard, because sometimes God asks to do
things that aren't easy or comfortable, but nothing Christ ever did
was easy. How can we possibly hope to become like Him if we have an
easy life? (Don't give me credit for that thought, that's Elder
Holland.) but it's the truth!

We also talked for many hours about being bold, so sorry if any of
this comes off as strong. Haha just kidding, I'm nowhere near as bold
as he was! Another thing he talked about was talking to everyone. He
promised us that if we would ask everyone we talk to who they know
that we can teach, we will "have an abundance of people to teach." And
we have been doing that and man have we got an abundance! We're
getting so many referrals we can't keep up with them. And we spent the
first half of the day Saturday speaking Creole. It was a beautiful
thing, except for the time it was my turn to talk and the guy who
answered was definitely Haitian but couldn't understand a lick of my
Creole. Awkward. Sorry, sir.

I'm sorry this email is all over the place. I can't think of anything
too ridiculous that happened, other than the man putting in his
laundry next to me right now that is dancing like a tree spirit (I
don't know what that means, but it's accurate) and humming.

We set a baptismal date with one of our investigators! Her name is
A and she is so awesome! She requested a Book of Mormon online and
has been reading and praying and wow! She's he best! We might have to
transfer her to the young single adult ward which would be a bummer
because those missionaries would take over, but it's okay.

Weird New York thing: all the fire hydrants are blue with white tops.
They look like smurfs. Sorry if I already told you that.
It's just been a really good week and we've taught a lot of lessons
and met a lot of people who are genuinely interested! I'm excited for
the upcoming week. My goal: be so bold! I'm supposed to tell my peers
my goal because it's more likely to happen that way. So there's that.
Have the best week! Find ways to be obedient to God so you can get
blessings! Eat Nutella banana pancakes, it makes life good. I know
because we made them twice this week.

If anyone has some free time, I'd be interested to know how hard it is
to give yourself type 2 diabetes because That could be in my future.
Thanks friends! I love you all so much! The church is true and God
loves you! If you've forgotten that, stop.

Oh that is a funny thing I learned. The best way to become more
obedient is to stop being disobedient. The best antidote to pride is
to stop being prideful. The best way to be positive is to stop being
negative. The best way to have an eye single to the glory of God is to
focus and work hard. Basically, there's no magic cure for any of it.
Just stop doing what's bad and start doing what's good. Done. Haha
okay yeah love you! Have the best week EVER!


Sè Fouts

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