Monday, January 25, 2016

Fwd: You are a coconut.

January 25, 2016 

 Hello people of my life!!!

 How you be? Good? Good! I'm just going to assume that unless I get
 mail telling me otherwise, so go team! What team? WILDCATS! GET YOUR
 Okay now that that's out of my system here is the low down:
 There was no email last week because I went to the temple and due to
 the poor wifi on the SUBWAY(!!!!) the really funny, inspiring email I
 know sustains you all through the boring week got lost. So here's my
 attempt to rewrite that one and give you some info on this week.

 Major life changing events that have happened in the last two weeks
 include but are not limited to:
 We saw two tumble weaves. They're like tumble weeds, but weaves. I'd
 have taken pics, but didn't feel like flashing the iPad in those

 It finally snowed!! First it was just a dusting that melted right
 away, but this weekend we got a Nor'eastern, which is basically a
 blizzard that feeds off the ocean so it never dies. It dumped snow for
 about 24 hours and we got 2-3 feet! So fun! Except we weren't allowed
 to drive so we, like the pioneer children, walked and walked and
 walked. And shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. They ended up
 cancelling church because there was so much snow, so we've been
 shoveling snow for the past two days straight and I'm pooped. Also NY
 needs to learn some stuff  from Utah. The roads are still not clear!
 There were snow plows everywhere with the plows UP. What good is that
 gonna do? Tèt chaje!! We dug out 5 stuck cars, too. What team?

 I went to the temple in Manhattan for my 6 month anniversary trip and
 it was perfect. I didn't see any of my north mission homies, but I did
 ride the subway for the first time ever and I did talk to one lady who
 escaped as a war refugee from Bosnia 20 years ago with a baby and a
 sick husband. Her advice: "Do not be afraid! Everyone in Bosnia is
 afraid of something. Fear is paralyzing! Just hold your head up and be
 brave!" Imagine that with a Bosnian accent. Then I talked to a guy
 from West Africa. His advice: "It's good to talk to other people and
 find out how they live. If you spend your whole life not knowing about
 others, that's no good." Say it with an African/French accent. Then an
 Indian lady God blessed me before getting off the subway. Best day

 Also in the subway there were mosaics and news stands and one guy was
 playing the steel drums and two others were playing the saxophone and
 guitar. Also if you spit onto the rails the rats come out and eat your
 spit. I didn't do it, but it happened.

 Speaking of rats, Cheryl told us about a Greek god with an
 inappropriate name that is a rat that comes into people's houses who
 don't believe in God. She thinks the rat is in her house and when we
 meet with her we scare the rat away. What team? WILDCATS.
 When we went to see Cheryl, we ended up teaching like 5 lessons. There
 were 4 kitchen chairs set up in the living room and we sat in two and
 when we finished talking and praying with one person, someone else
 would come sit down. I don't know who the 4th chair was for, probably
 the Holy Ghost. We're still not sure if all the people we taught live
 there or not. And they gave us cake, which I probably would have
 thrown away once we got home if they hadn't offered the 2 year old
 some. People don't usually offer 2 year olds weed cake. Turns out it
 was delicious and weed free!

 Shout out to my father dearest for sending me the warmest coat ever
 that protected me from the frozen tundra of this weekend! You rock!
 Also we're getting TWO new Creole sisters in February!! AAAAHHHHH!
 Okay now for my spiritual schpeel - those of you with a temple
 recommend: the temple is SO GREAT. If it's been a while since you've
 been, drop whatever you're doing and go right now! If you're still
 reading this email, that hopefully means you've been to the temple
 recently. Now you stop whatever you're doing and go to the temple!
 Unless you're a missionary then keep missioning because rules. The
 blessings we get and the peace we can feel there are SO MUCH MORE than
 anything we will ever find outside of the temple for one simple
 reason. The temple is truly the house of the Lord. It is set apart
 from the world. It's the best!

 Also, don't forget my Bosnian friend's advice. Do not fear. Fear is
 stupid. Be brave!

 I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week and that
 you'll be able to feel how much your Father in Heaven loves you. Go do
 amazing things! Lots of times, we are the only things holding
 ourselves back.

 You rock my world.
 Sè Hannah Fouts

 PS Also about the subject line, I was given a book of Creole proverbs
 and it's my favorite and that's the English translation of one of
 them. It's like saying "you're a hard nut to crack" or something like
 that. In creole it looks like this: "ou se yon kokoye." So fun so fun!

 PPS Be prepared for lots of pictures this week. #Sorrynotsorry

Half an hour after we shoveled this house, this is what it looked
like. Mwen fini.

I'm literally under Times Square. It's fine.


When you find Haitian coconut milk at Target you obviously buy it. Please tell us what to do with it, we have no idea!

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