Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fwd: JT and Soup Jou Mou

From: Hannah Fouts <hannah.fouts@myldsmail.net>
Date: Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 2:16 PM
Subject: JT and Soup Jou Mou

Family, friends, fellow Creole speakers who randomly stumble onto the
blog my dad has created, and anyone else who weirdly reads these
Transfer calls came....drumroll.....STAYING IN LYNBROOK for another 6
weeks. Holla. Lynbrook is da best.

We met JT this week. He is a singer songwriter for Akon and also
Shaggy. We're gonna start teaching him the gospel before he goes on
tour with Akon next month, so that's pretty cool. If anyone does
research and discovers that he doesn't exist or that Akon isn't going
on tour next month, I don't want to hear about it. Let me live a
little, please.

NEW YEARS EVE IN NEW YORK!!! BALL DROP!!!! Jokes on us. We had to be
in at 6, so we played all the board games and it was a party!! 🎉
So Haitians really love New Year's Day and in Haiti everyone makes
soup jou Mou, which is a spicy pumpkin soup with meat and stuff
(everyone makes it different) and everyone just goes around eating
soup jou mou all day! I need to learn how to make it because if I
could eat that every day I would. It's delicious!!

We had an amazing lesson with G and P! I'd tell you more
about it but my fingers are frozen so maybe later. Keep praying for
them, or start, because P's dad is really against her being
baptized and until he says "go ahead," nothing is gonna happen until
she's 18. But they came to church so that's so good!!!

We did some fun service for C, a professional boxer. We organized
her bookshelf! She has so many books! It was so fun! We've been
helping her out a lot lately and that's been super cool. She's way
awesome, she even has a belt. Not a big deal. At first I thought she
was a super model (we organized her closet and man that woman has a
lot of expensive clothing) but nope! How neat is that!

Sorry this email is lame, my fingers really are so cold it's hard to
type. Humid cold and I are not on good terms, and we don't even have
snow yet. Ridiculous!

Well I hope all is well with you and that you have the best week of
your lives thus far! The big apple wisdom of the week comes from the
poor man who missed his train. We were knocking on a lady's door and
he was running to the train as it was about to leave the station. He
yelled, "Oh me oh my, oh me oh my! Oh me oh my, oh me oh my!" A lot of
times and stomped his foot. "I've missed my train, and now I do not
know what I shall do! Oh me oh my!" He really yelled like this, ps. We
could hear him from across and down the street over the sound of the
trains and the arms that stop cars from going. He was really upset.
Anyways, after the train pulled out of the station he crossed the
tracks and waited for the next train to come. The moral of the story
is its okay to be really upset and yell and stomp your feet when you
miss a really great opportunity or things don't go the way you want,
but when you've got it out of your system, move on and patiently wait
for the next train to come. Turn what you can't control over to the
Savior. Also maybe don't get too drunk because I'm pretty sure he was
in the tavern next to us too long which is why he missed his train in
the first place.

Avek lanmou,
Sè Hannah Fouts

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