Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Catching up with old emails

Weeeellll...this is Sister Fouts' negligent father. She fell behind on letters then I fell behind on posting them up. Here, for your reading pleasure, is a two month update. SORRY!!

On April 25, 2016 Hannah Fouts wrote: 

Here's a big old shout out for everyone who made my birthday soooooo
good! You all make me happy enough to hug a hobo, and there are some
pretty nasty smelling hobos out here. If anyone thinks they have the
coolest family and friends, scratch that (unless you're related to me
because same family) because I actually do. Sorry to burst your bubble

Shout out to Carol for being the most beautiful artist
Shout out to Barb for fitting so much in such a tiny box
Shout out to Dad and Co. for finding 20 of so many things
Shout out to Mom for having the best taste of clothes
Shout out to Sister Landaverry and Hunter and Meri for nailing my
style on the dot
Shout out to Bountiful 31st ward for being real good note writers and
fudge makers
Shout out to Grandma and Papa and Nana for being the best grandparents everrrrr
Shout out to all of you cool people for loving me even though I'm a
weirdie. You all rock my church socks!

Well you're probably wondering what happened this week! If you're not,
I don't know why you're reading this email. Anyways, let me tell ya!

Here are 20 things about this week because 20 is a good number.
1. Many cancelled lessons, no advance notice equals much travel on
public transportation.
2. I. and M. didn't answer their phones or texts all week.
Neither of them came to church. M. didn't keep our appointment on
Wednesday. Boo! The adversary needs to get out my face.
3. A. from Nigeria is the coolest! She wants to be baptized so badly
but doesn't know where. She's been looking for a long time. We're
stoked to help her make that step by the proper priesthood authority!
4. We saw a plethora of cops and cop cars and police tape this week.
That was neat.
5. Earth Day means Prospect Park for lunch hour and dirt trails and a
carousel. I rode the lion!
6. I ate Dominican food for the first time since leaving Sister
Peguero's dinner table back in Lynbrook!
7. T. took us to a ritzy BBQ place and it was delicious.
8. A cockroach came at me while I was in the shower. I screamed and
then I squashed it.
9. A member got us a birthday cake and we had a party.
10. We found feather masks and party hats so we ate our earth day
breakfast of funfetti pancakes with those on.
11. It's hard to see with feather masks.
12. We ate burritos and I was happy happy happy!
13. We had stake conference and it was so good!
14. The stake conference was held at a super flash (New Zealand term)
hotel right by the Brooklyn Bridge. No big deal.
15. I translated the last two talks and even though I didn't know
"boat" it went well!
16. An elder translated the closing prayer from Spanish to Creole, and
I was impressed until I remembered he doesn't speak Spanish and was
just making it up. Next time I translate I'll just read an old
conference talk or ensign article and call it good!
17. I almost bought a cactus because there was an earth day sale but
remembered how the last time I tried to take care of Megan's cactus
Carter got lots of cactus needles in his face. I didn't buy a cactus.
18. Referring back to number 10, I actually just tried to make
pancakes out of funfetti cake mix and it didn't work that good. They
were pretty burned and our house was pretty smokey.
19. I saw a limo at a gas station that probably had Taylor Swift or
Beyoncé or both of them inside of it.
20. Grandma S. She's a cute Philippino lady in our ward and we
ate the Dominican food at her house. She told us how she met her
husband. (This might be long so if you hate fun and stories and
upliftment then feel free to skip on ahead.) Back in the Philippines
when she was 17 you DID NOT go on dates without a chaperone. Well once
she was invited by her brothers friend to go to his cousin's wedding.
Her brother was going with his girlfriend so they were going together.
The wedding was really far away and her brother and his girlfriend
left the wedding without Grandma S.! So she had to stay the night
at her brother's friend's family's house. Naturally they were in
different rooms, but it looked bad so she had to marry her brother's
friend or else she'd bring shame on her whole family. So she married
him when she was 17. And it turns out THAT WAS THEIR PLAN ALL ALONG.
now, however many years later, they've been sealed in the temple and
their family is eternal and they have wonderful children and
grandchildren and he doesn't have teeth and she takes care of him and
loves him dearly. There are probably lots of points you could take
from this, but mine is that sometimes life dishes out poopy things,
and sometimes at the time of a trial it might seem like we're being
forced to marry our brother's dumb friend. But it turns out that it's
actually going to bring us a lot of happiness later on! That's not a
very good parallel, I'm really sorry. Mostly I wanted an excuse to
tell that story because I thought it was hilarious.

Isaiah 41:10 is a real good scripture. Go look it up.

MY FAMILY (immediate and extended) IS BETTER THAN SHARK WEEK🌊

sister fouts

PS I was going to write this in the form of lots of small haikus but
maybe I'll do that next week. Maybe I won't. We'll see.
PPS A stranger man just told me I look sunburned. Nope, I'm just

 On Apr 18, 2016, at 5:02 PM, Hannah Fouts wrote:

 Just lookin fly


Please look at the big arch, not me. I look like a dingus, but the arch is HUGE. it's hard to tell how big it is in this picture.

This one is for Sylee Baker!

 On Apr 18, 2016, at 4:58 PM, Hannah Fouts wrote:

 Hey y'all! (Please say that with a gangster rapper voice, not a Texas
 farm girl voice.)

 First off, some shout outs. Happy birthday, Christopher Bare! Happy
 birthday, Barb! Happy birthday, Aunt Barbie! Happy Birthday, EARTH! 🌎
 Happy birthday to all you other people out there who are having
 birthdays or celebrating someone else's birthday! Go plant trees or
 something this Friday. (That's my subtle way of giving myself a
 birthday shout out)

 We had another awesome lesson with I.! She asked if she could
 change her baptism date to June 12 since that's when her family will
 be able to come. Um yes absolutely! She kept getting ready all through
 the lesson and saying "I feel so happy! I've never felt this happy
 before!" It was SO GOOD.

 We got a call from the elders in Staten Island saying they have a
 referral for us and she has a baptismal date for May 15th. Say what?!
 So that's M., and we'll meet with her on Wednesday so I'll let you
 know how that goes. SO GOOD.

 I contacted a lot in Creole and at made me happy. Two ladies I talked
 to thought I was Haitian, then when I told them I was from by
 California (none of them know where Utah is) they asked where in Haiti
 my dad was from. Then they asked if my dad was black. SO GOOD.
 Then I. texted saying her mom realized it was the Mormon church,
 and she was no longer down for the baptism. Fortunately I. is 18
 but we don't want strained relationships. We've been praying really
 really hard for her mom's heart to be softened, and I. texted again
 today saying that some missionaries in GA visited her mom and she
 thinks that's a good sign. PRAYER LITERALLY WORKS MIRACLES, PEOPLE.

 For the big down, the Alexander family dropped us. We don't know
 what's wrong, but we went over and Sister Alexander told us not to
 come back and she'd call and explain. She still hasn't called, so
 we're just waiting on that.

 Also I translated sacrament meeting. TALK ABOUT SCARY. I used the
 fancy headset and everything! I started, and then a few words in got
 stage fright. I couldn't get my mouth to work. One of the elders came
 up and tried to help me get over it, but it didn't work too well. One
 of the members did their talk in creole, so that was a relief, but
 then another guy had the thickest accent I've ever heard. Translating
 that one was a toughy! But I'll get better. It's my turn again in 3
 weeks so I'll let you know how it goes!

 Some people I would have sent you pictures of if it weren't so dang
 hard to take pictures discreetly with an iPad:
 The green lady. Literally head to toe, hair and make up included, this
 woman and all her clothes were the same shade of bright lime green.
 The old woman with purple eyebrows, bright blue eyeliner, and the
 reddest lipstick I've ever seen. Also her foundation was white, so it
 was pretty intense.
 The guy at the library that was singing loud and proud to Louisiana
 skies or blues or whatever that country song is by Mel blah blah blah.
 I know it's by Mel because he had a conversation with himself about
 it. If you've ever seen lord of the rings, it was like when golem
 talks to himself.
 The little Jewish boy riding a unicycle down the street.
 And someone I did take a picture of was the escaped hospital patient
 that was sleeping on the church grass.

 Some good quotes were:
 "Thank you for there being no cockroaches to kill tonight." -Sister
 Taylor in our nightly prayer
 "D***!" -also Sister Taylor. It's not a swear word in New Zealand, but
 we get some pretty shocked looks from members here.
 "Why would I kill trees when I can just use my finger?" -anonymous
 lady on the bus, while picking her nose.

 Spiritual thought ish:
 Just be yourself! Life is too short to not have fun and love yourself
 the way your Father in Heaven loves you. As Elder Holland said the
 other weekend, He loves YOU with all His heart, might, mind, and
 strength. Don't worry about what someone else will think or say. Do
 what you know is right and true and fun and happy! Lift others and
 help them do the same by loving me no matter what. This message was
 inspired throughout the week by lots of New Yorkers riding scooters
 and rollerblading and skateboards and everything else to get around,
 and not just the teenagers and kids. Just do what brings you joy! I
 know this gospel brings true and lasting joy and happiness. I'm
 grateful for the chance I have to be here serving and loving the
 people of the world in Brooklyn!

 I love you all!
 Have a good, earthy week!
 Sister Fouts

 On Apr 11, 2016, at 4:24 PM, Hannah Fouts wrote:

 Whenever I don't know what to say for a subject line I think, what
 would Glozell say? And then I say that.

 First order of business: my new companion is Sister Taylor and she's
 from New Zealand and we have a good time! She likes Milo, which I only
 know is a thing because of the Camerons.

 This week I broke a bowl, Sister Taylor cut her foot because of said
 broken bowl, our toilet FLOODED, like serious flooding, and I set off
 the smoke alarm while making dinner. And I broke a washing machine and
 had to air dry all my clothes and got lost in the subway. HOLLA. Also
 I am really good at killing baby cockroaches but less good at killing
 big ones. I tried to set one on fire because it was chillin on the
 stove but I think they're fire proof. Also we rode a bus that smelled
 super nast. Big apple wisdom: if you can't hold it, at least get off
 the bus before lettin it go. Please and thank you! Or don't.
 Apparently that's an option too.

 Miracles of the week: there we are at church, just greeting people
 before sacrament meeting, when I see a girl I've never met before. Her
 name is I.. She isn't a member but heard about the church and
 decided to visit to see if she liked it. WHAT!! It was fast and
 testimony meeting, which is always a little stressful when you have
 visitors. But it went really well! It was one of the most testimony
 based testimony meetings I've ever been in! Afterwards I asked if she
 had questions and she said "Well I don't really know who Joseph Smith
 is." Fast forward to 20 minutes later and she is getting baptized on
 May 15th. AND her entire family is flying here from Georgia (shout out
 to the Harrison clan and Sister Lawson) to see it! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!
 Sometimes I forget that this is actually Heavenly Father's work, not
 mine. We're just the tools He uses to make it happen.

 Also a cool thing that happened is we were on the subway and we saw
 two guys signing at each other. The ASL sisters recently sent out a
 video of them signing the address of the church and everything, so I
 was pumped! We showed it to them and one of them shook his head and
 told us he doesn't live in Brooklyn, he lives upstate. But we gave him
 the card and they were pretty happy about it. The coolest thing about
 made it up if you want to, but I know that was the Holy Ghost stepping
 in and crossing a language barrier that would have been impossible for
 us to cross on our own. The church is true, my friends! And I figured
 out how to communicate with the Russians. We have pass along cards
 with the Book of Mormon on them in Russian! Big break through, I know.
 We just show it to them and most of them run away but I'll let you
 know if anyone ever gets excited about it.

 Quick spiritual thingy:
 This week I've been trying really hard to lift others burdens,
 sometimes literally, if they're carrying something heavy, and
 sometimes figuratively. Yesterday there was a little girl on the
 subway whining a lot. You could tell they'd had a long day out and her
 mom was just done with everything. I complimented her on her outfit,
 and her entire face changed. It just got happier and she started
 talking to her daughter more lovingly. Sometimes all someone needs is
 a happy little compliment or a smile or a text saying "hey, you are
 cool!" Try to be on the lookout this week for the little things you
 can do to make someone else feel happier about life, even if it seems
 like they're doing fine.

 Well that's all for now folks.
 Kenbe djanm
 Don't forget who you are or what you stand for
 Don't get a wedgie
 Don't pee on buses
 Remember I love you
 And go rock the world!

 Sister Fouts

 On Apr 4, 2016, at 4:06 PM, Hannah Fouts wrote:

 This is us and T. my favorite at the Applebee's. I'm going to be
 best friends with T. for life.

 Oh yeah I met the guy who is Mufasa in lion king on Broadway. He invited us to the show next March in SLC. dtmif (only a few of you will get that reference and that's okay)

 This is my district. The I love you hands are for my mom. And whoever else needs a pick me up today.

 Because I love rain and rain boots and Brooklyn

 On Apr 4, 2016, at 3:56 PM, Hannah Fouts wrote:


 Well some news is the Spanish ward that met in our same building has
 been dissolved. And now our ward is Spanish, English, and Creole
 (shoutout to Sister Landaverry who is the only not Haitian person I
 know that speaks all those languages). So I'm trying real hard to
 brush up on my high school español because it'd be neat to be able to
 talk to half the members more than "Hola, como estas? Byen! Y Tu?" And
 also I can ask their names. Go team!

 Some great stuff happened this week! One of the members, T., took
 us out in her car so we were able to deliver a ton of bibles to people
 who had ordered them on It was so good! Then she took us
 to Applebee's and we ate steak. Wow. Also she bought all the
 missionaries snacks for days for General Conference, which by the way
 was FANTASTIC. If you missed parts or all of it, go watch it because
 WOW. So much revelation and inspiration!

 We had some technical difficulties, naturally. The satellite at the
 church went out so we could only stream it in English. One of the
 Haitian members was real perturbed about that and yelled lots and told
 us we have no faith, and also asked the elders to use the priesthood
 to fix the satellite. Awkward because it doesn't work like that. We
 just watched in English and loved life. Also I love having the Spanish
 members because we had a straight up feast after the Sunday morning
 session. Apparently Latinos put potatoes in hard tortillas and call it
 a taco? But it was good so whatair. Also a guy came for the last
 session and he asked lots of questions in a really loud whisper voice
 and it was too funny! He really loves President Faust, he talked about
 him lots. Then today we saw him at the library, and he came over and
 did his loud whisper voice again and told us he couldn't talk to us
 there because there were lots of Jews at the library and if he was
 seen talking to us, they'd get suspicious because he's Jewish.

 We met with J. again this week and it was so good! Two of her
 sons have died within the last 5 years, and that's been really tough
 for her. The last lesson, we taught her about the plan of salvation
 and temples! It was so cool to be able to teach her about how we can
 be together as families FOREVER if we live righteously and do the
 things God asks. This week she told us she'd been thinking about what
 we said all week long, and even talked to one of her friends about it.
 She came to one of the sessions of conference, and we've been calling
 to read the Book of Mormon with her every day since then. It's amazing
 how most people don't have real answers to life's biggest questions,
 like why are we here, where did we come from, and where are we going.
 But because of modern day revelation, WE do have those answers. I love
 it sooo much! It's ridiculous how much comfort can be found in knowing
 exactly what happens after death, and in knowing that no goodbye is

 Well in other news we got to the church to email and there are lots of
 suits and ties and shoes and nametags all over the foyer, but no
 elders. We're afraid to go find them so we're just pretending it's not
 happening. Told ya my life is weird.

 Oh also I was called to train again! This time I'll be training in
 English because there are no Sisters coming in who are learning
 Creole. It'll be a bumpy ride and I'm sure we'll get lost a ton
 because I still have a hard time understanding bus maps, but I'm so
 excited! I've been studying a lot on Christlike leadership. There's a
 lot of thoughts there so if you're interested go ahead and email me.

 I hope you all have the most wonderful week ever and that you do
 something new. New things are good. If you haven't done something for
 the first time in a long time, go change that.

 Sister Fouts
 PS Shout out to Sister Brenna Lawson for reading these emails and also
 because whenever she writes about Sister C and her 12 hairless cats I
 actually crack up out loud, instead of laughing in my brain or through
 my nose. Stay classy, stay sassy.

 On Mar 26, 2016, at 1:06 PM, Hannah Fouts wrote:

 Hey there best beloved people!
 My life is weird. Let's move on.
 Have a great week!
 Sister Fouts

 Just kidding. But my life is weird. Here are some reasons:
 * While we were waiting for the bus, there was a flower shop + bar
 that was giving away free flowers if you did a dance. You know we did
 it! And then we were stuck carrying really tall carnations with us all
 day long.
 *We were going to go to the temple with our recent convert D.
 today (hence the Saturday email. Did you all review my list of reasons
 why an email wouldn't come on Monday? I hope so.) but we realized my
 comp is going to the temple next week for her departing trip and we
 can only go once a month and so today is just a regular preparation
 day. Sorry for that really bad run on sentence.
 * I tried to speak Creole to a Jamaican man and it was so

 embarrassing that I just pretended I didn't speak English and my
 companion covered for me.
 * we woke up at 5 AM and rode a bus for an hour to get a family

 ready for church. And we were only 15 minutes late! Woot woot! Shout
 out to my mom for teaching me how to iron!
 * There was a giant fish head on the sidewalk and I almost tripped over it.

 * We had the BEST lesson EVER with K.. She'd ordered a bible,

 so we delivered it! She told us her dad just went into the hospital
 and she's been having a lot of struggles lately. She'd talked to a
 Visitor Center missionary on the phone and she told her about the Book
 of Mormon. K. told us that after that phone call, she was able
 to sleep. She hasn't been able to sleep in months. We invited her to
 be baptized, and she said yes before we'd even finished the question!
 The next day she texted us saying her dad was much much better. Ever
 since then she's been reading from the Book of Mormon! Then she asked
 if her daughter could get one. It was so so cool to see all the peace
 and all the blessings that come from doing simple things, like reading
 the Book of Mormon and drawing closer to God. I'll keep you all
 updated with her!
 * We just paid to print a Moroccan man's job application at the

 library. Best 35 cents ever spent!
 Awkward. He just said he needs to print lots more things. We'll see
 how this turns out.

 Update: it only cost .25 more and we may have broken the computer. I
 told you my life is weird.

 * My favorite Jewish holiday happened. One guy called it Jewish
 Halloween and I don't know if it has a more official name but it was
 FANTASTIC. We passed one house and there were Hawaiian shirts and
 sparkly red vests and karaoke and dancing. Nobody was really wearing
 costumes, they mostly were just wearing weird things that didn't make
 sense. One kid was wearing a clown Afro and a ninja suit. #goals
 * V.. We met him as he was coming out of the hospital. He was

 88 years old. We helped him zip up his jacket and get on and off the
 bus and he is Jewish and Russian. He and his whole family were in the
 Nazi concentration camps for 4 years until 1944 when they were
 released. WOWZA.
 * Another random holiday you probably didn't know you needed to

 celebrate is "Save the Florida Panther Day." According to my wildlife
 calendar, that is today.
 * there were a lot of things I thought about sharing with you all,

 but the basic message is Jesus is the Savior of the world. Because of
 Him, we can have new life! Yes I quoted the #Hallelujah video but it's
 worth quoting. I've been studying the Atonement this week and holy
 snap! I don't know how to say it better than that because I'm at a
 loss for words. (Weird, huh?) Not only did He suffer for our sins, but
 He made it possible for us to receive strength beyond our own in order
 to deal with the difficulties of mortality. Next time you pray,
 consider asking for the strength to endure a situation well rather
 than asking for God to deal with the situation right now, please and
 thank you. God knows us perfectly. He has a plan for us. We can
 receive some of His strength if we let Him give it to us.
 Well, you're probably all bored of reading this by now so I hope you
 enjoyed my Haitian flag bullet points of joy and that you have the
 best week ever!! Remember who you are and what you stand for! LOVE YA!

 Sister Fouts

 PS shout outs of the week go to Sarah Johnson for that temple
 marriage! #eternity4ever
 And also Taci Carroll paske li ap aprA. Kreyol ankò epi nap pale nan
 Kreyol tout jou chak jou lè m retounen! (My cousin is relearning
 Creole and we're gonna speak in Creole all day ery day when I get

 PPS if you feel you want a shoutout feel free to email me and I'll put
 ya in here. Go team!

 On Mar 14, 2016, at 4:41 PM, Hannah Fouts wrote:

 Sometimes you don't have a funny idea for a subject line so you say a
 lame joke in Creole and feel comforted by the fact that half the
 people on this email list don't have access to google translate so
 they'll think it's probably funny and move on with their lives.

 Shout out to the birthdays of the week, including my dear father!
 What, you're turning like 72, right? Way to go! Just kidding, my dads
 not that old. He's probably like 43. I have no idea what age he's
 turning. But happy birthday! Also shoutout to Sidney Baker Ward
 (because she's married now) and also has a birthday! Final shoutout to
 Meri Pickering, Abby Rawlinson, and Melissa
 I-don't-know-your-last-name for giving birth within the last few
 months. Sorry I'm late at the shout outs. Welcome to the world,

 Well this week was great! I don't really know what to write about, so
 that shows you I'm getting more diligent because I didn't think about
 jokes to make in the email during the week. Go team! What team?
 Wildcats! (Maybe one day I'll stop with the high school musical
 references, but today is not that day.)

 We had some really awesome lessons and some really terrible lessons
 this week. Se lavi. Someone we talked to on the bus actually came to
 church, twice, so that's pretty cool! We set a baptismal date with one
 of our investigators! We're waiting on mom's permission still because
 she's 16. Also she didn't come to church so we'll have to move it back
 a week or two. It would also be neat if we could get in contact with
 her. In our great lessons we taught families about the plan of
 salvation and how their family can be together forever, which is just
 my all time favorite thing to do! It's so great to help families
 realize what's possible for them because of God's plan. I LOVE IT! In
 the most terrible lesson our investigator was packing up and ready to
 walk out without a closing prayer.

 My favorite person we met this week was Brother A. We stopped him
 on a side street after dark, which doesn't sound like a good idea, but
 when it's directed by the Spirit even the sketchiest things turn out
 great! He told us about how he used to grow and smoke his own weed in
 Grenada and then he started going to church with his brother and now
 he works 5 days a week, spends Saturday with his family, and Sunday
 with God. Way to go A.! Then he gave us a pep talk about the work
 we're doing and how we need to keep it up and never give up. Thanks,

 Also on the bus the other day a man from West Virginia (shoutout to
 Sister Robinson) invited us to go milk cows on his farm. Maybe next

 The spiritual thought comes from A.. He was definitely not flying
 straight, and his life was a pot mess (get it? Haha, like hot mess.
 Ha. Ha.). But when he turned to God everything worked out. It doesn't
 matter to Christ who you were or what you've done. He wants us to
 become like Him, and we can do that through repentance. Thank goodness
 for that!! Not to mention what He does for our weakness! "Everything
 that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of
 Jesus Christ." Fact. The church is true and God loves you!

 I love you all and hope you have a grand old week! Stay strong and
 enjoy the spring rain and crocuses because they're beautiful.
 Sister Fouts

 On Mar 7, 2016, at 4:22 PM, HA.ah Fouts wrote:

 This is Brooklyn! It was a cold day so not many people were out, it's usually way more packed.

 How much sister Lamah and I love America is ridiculous

 Our district by a cool mural next to the Caribbean market, where you can buy all things Caribbean. SO FUN! Also reppin the Aggies!

 Coconuts. Not quite Philippines level, but still good.

 On Mar 5, 2016, at 3:48 PM, Hannah Fouts  wrote:

 Hello friends and family and returned missionaries and current
 missionaries and random people who check out this email on the blog my
 dad is in charge of! How the heck are ya??

 Catch up on Birthday shout outs:
 PAPA!!! Happy birthday! I love you so much!!!!
 Sister Paget! Wow! Way to be old and adulty! Getting out of the teen years!
 I think half the world had birthdays in February so
 I know, it's been a while since I emailed. It's because email crashed
 and also temple trips that got cancelled, so we moved our preparation
 day and didn't end up going to the temple anyway. If this happens
 again in the future, here are a few plausible explanations (not
 necessarily in order of most likely):

 1. The Avengers didn't have enough district unity and let Brooklyn get
 destroyed because they were too focused on Manhattan
 2. Godzilla hits NY 2016 (can that be a hashtag? Do hashtags even still exist?)
 3. King Kong
 4. MyLDSMail crashes about as often as lessons get cancelled
 5. Zombie Apocalypse (where you at, Will Smith?)
 6. Alien invasion
 7. Sharkicane
 8. Random preparation day changes midweek with no advanced warning
 9. I was devoured by R.O.U.Ss, which do exist and actually live in
 Brooklyn. I have seen them and they almost got my foot.
 10. Hit by a bus, taxi, or other angry driver
 11. Temple trips!
 12. I died because I ate too much halal food

 So if you don't hear from me you can guess it's one of those reasons.
 Well I made it to Brooklyn! The little Haiti of the mission! Our
 teaching pool has been English since it began, but we're trying to
 change it to Creole. The difficulty there is we don't have another set
 of English sisters to take all our people, so we'll continue teach
 everyone in our pool until we baptize all of them or get more sisters,
 and just start adding Haitians onto it. We're not currently teaching
 in Creole, but we are finding lots and lots of Haitians! My favorite
 thing is on the bus we'll be talking to someone in Creole and I'll
 look around and tons of people are just staring at us with awe and
 wonder in their eyes, and then we just contact the whole bus. SO FUN!!
 Some interesting things: if you are a parks and rec fan, I live right
 by the pit Andy fell in. Not really because that one is in Pawnee
 Indiana, but there is a pit. I won't fall in, don't worry. There are
 Russian grocery stores and Indian and African hair places all over
 instead of Hispanic delis and Dominican hair places like Lynbrook. So
 Basically we're teaching lots of awesome people and we're going to see
 so many miracles this transfer!
 Oh my companion is Sister Lamah and its not pronounced like llama,
 even though I wish it was.
 Oh yeah spiritual thought. Peter walking on the water. When we think
 of Christ asking US to meet Him on the water, we will be afraid and
 probably won't make it too far. But when we think of CHRIST asking us
 to meet HIM on the water, we will succeed. The bottom line: make sure
 your focus is on Christ and His abilities rather than yourself and
 your own inabilities and all will be well.
 Okay have a great week!
 Talk to you later!

 Sister Fouts

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