Monday, May 9, 2016

Fwd: Brooklyn Day of Prayer

From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, May 9, 2016 at 1:32 PM
Subject: Brooklyn Day of Prayer

Hey there everyone!
This week all the missionaries in Brooklyn got to go this event called
Brooklyn Day of Prayer. It was two hours of jazzy clappy songs about
Jesus, shouty preachers, saying weird lovey things to our neighbors,
and it was the closest thing to a concert I've been to since the
National Parks last year! It was great!!! We danced and shouted and
clapped and there were people twirling ribbons and wow. Then after we
were taking pictures and a guy asked "Do you want to take a photo with
the Brooklyn President?" Um yeah why not? So then we took pictures
with him and then we made it on his Facebook page. FAMOUS.

In other news, we got lost in East New York and Brownsville. We didn't
get mugged so it was successful!

I got to talk to my family for Mother's Day and that was too fun! Love
you all! (I know that's not really news but it was the highlight of my
week so deal with it. :)

Important announcements in the coming weeks: Jake turns 18 on
Wednesday! Megan has been out for a year on Friday! And my wildlife
calendar has informed me that next week is Bear Awareness Week, so
please celebrate bears all week long! 🐻

We set a baptismal date with M. and we're so excited to help her
be ready to take that step!

I've seen lots of midgets and that's been real neat!

It's just been a great week.

We had a run in with a heebie jeebie. They have...interesting beliefs.
They all carry machetes so when the 2nd coming happens they can
fulfill their duty by chopping off all the white people's heads. Don't
worry, I think most of them are fake because how could that be legal?!
He didn't try to chop off our heads but he talked at us for a while
and it was really funny! I promise not all Brooklynites are crazy.
Just the ones I meet.

For my thought, I had to give a workshop in a meeting on Finding joy
in the journey. When we know who we are, children of God, and
recognize that we have the potential to accomplish ANYTHING, it's
pretty hard to be sad. So lift up your head and remember that you are
a Son or Daughter of God, and that is awesome, just like you!

Love you all!
Have a great week!
Sister Fouts

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