Monday, May 16, 2016

The Sister Fouts Happy Panic

From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, May 16, 2016 at 12:47 PM
Subject: The Sister Fouts Happy Panic

Aloha friends and family!

We were going to go to the zoo today to celebrate bear awareness week
but it is too chilly and I feel like all the Bears would be
hibernating still anyways so we'll try again next week.

In other news, we pulled weeds at Prospect Park and also went back to
Lynbrook for a doctor's appointment. I got to see Sister Landaverry
(literally you're the coolest and I love you. I hope you read this
email.) and Sister Figaro and it was soooo good to see Lynbrook for a
second! I miss that place. #promiseland

We had a mission tour! That means a general authority and his wife
comes to the mission to talk to us and help us to learn how to be
better missionaries. We had Elder C. Scott Grow (haha. See Scott grow.
Punny!) We have a really long meeting, good food for lunch, and then
go back to the really long meeting. And it's THE BEST THING EVER.
There was so much wisdom falling out of that man's mouth it was
incredible! And Sister Grow called the elders out for not-missionary
haircuts which was funny for me. At the end he turned the time to us
to ask life questions instead of missionary questions and that was the
coolest thing everrrrrrr. One of the things we talked about was how to
bring family and friends either into the gospel for the first time or
back into it without them feeling like we were trying to take away
their freedom of choice. His answer was "Don't lead by example. That's
when people feel pushed. LIVE by example. Always always love them no
matter what. Always live how you want them to live, but don't try to
take over leading." I thought that was real good advice, especially
with this call as a trainer!

Another neat thing is they talked about all of their children (12? Or
8?) and all of their grandchildren (47) and their great grandchildren
(2) and how every one of them is actively trying to live the gospel
and follow the example of Jesus Christ. They attributed this to daily
family scripture study and prayer. It's a simple thing, but it has
massive impacts. Reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon every day as
a family is so so so worth the sacrifice. I thought that was pretty

What else? We found two new investigators this week, both of them are
Haitian! So fun!

Also we deep cleaned our apartment and there are too many cockroaches
and I want to burn our apartment but if I did that it would probably
cause a problem for someone else in the world (specifically our fellow
building sharers) so I'll have to settle with the exterminator.

There were other neat things about this week but I'll write it in my
journal and we'll chat at my homecoming.

Some other good, New Yorky stuff:
A guy farted on us, twice. Leg lift and everything.
Another guy blew some snot rockets on the bus.
There were some cool street/subway musicians. I think one of them may
have been Dallas Greene because he sounded just like him and it was
I had a mental breakdown on Thursday so we went to Prospect Park and
existed by a nice scummy pond for a while and then a raccoon attacked
us. (Not really it just attacked the trash can by us but it was a
close call!)

Oh yeah! The Sister Fouts happy panic! This is what the elders in our
zone call it when I call them because we have a major problem and then
I find out they're really far away so I tell them not to worry about
it. Apparently I sound really happy and really panicky. This actually
happens way more often than you might think.

I'm way sorry for how random and unsatisfying this email is. Hopefully
you have a great day and you remember that God loves you more than
just about anything!

Peace and love,
Sister Fouts

Sometimes you find yourself in a subway car all by yourselves so you take lots of selfies
(Dad note: Maybe this is WHY you find yourself on a subway car all by yourself….)

And then you see your bffs so you take more selfies
(Dad note: Why do we take selfies in the bathroom??)
 We made cupcakes!
Our raccoon friend

11 months, project style!

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