Monday, February 15, 2016

Fwd: Mission call changes and true love

From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 10:55 AM
Subject: Mission call changes and true love

Yo yo yo, waddup?
I just read Sister Paget's great email and now I'm nervous about my writing abilities. The above greeting is a good example of how I respond under stress like that.

Well the biggest news of this week is they've changed my mission call! I'll find out where I'm going tomorrow, but they need me in a different mission besides the Lynbrook, NYNYS mission. (That's a joke because I've been here for so long I'm pretty sure that's where I was actually called originally.) so what's atually happening is my sweet Sister Landaverry is training the Haitian sister, Sister Figaro, and I'm leaving! Not to train, just to mission. Sister Wheeler got Sister Cate, the other sister learning Creole. Cross your fingers for Brooklyn because LynBrook-BrookLyn would be so fun! 

What else? Well so much! Patricia's parents aren't giving her permission to be baptized right now, so we're praying hard there. But Gina is still thinking about it, so maybe she'll change her mind! Also a Haitian member was like, yo, my daughter Isabel just came from Haiti and isn't a member but wants to be. Will you teach her? UH YES WE WILL. Then she came to church, because she's the best, and I realized after the first talk she didn't understand a word. I don't know why it took me so long to think about it, but then I started translating for the first time ever and it was so fun!!! So hard, my brain was hurting after, and it wasn't making sense to me. I was just talking, and God was giving me the words. Hahaha it was especially rough when we translated for the last hour, when the stake patriarch came to talk about patriarchal blessings and described the lineage of the priesthood and used words I don't even know in English. HOLLA. 

Oh something else fun was it was like 5 degrees yesterday and Saturday, plus wind chill equals actually just -22 degrees. AND WE WENT KNOCKING!!! Because we are crazy! Saturday night our heater and our water had frozen up. We just piled on blankets and were fine, but we joked about it with one of the senior missionary couples at church and before we know it we have 2 space heaters (shout out to the elders and zoster Maxwell my BFF member for those) and we were asked to sleep at the mission home. I ain't even mad! Cold, yes. Mad, nope! But it's all good and fixed now, no worries! 

Apparently there's a holiday today, so happy (insert holiday everyone keeps talking about but not saying the name of)!!
 Food I ate: Greek, Dominican, Italian, Mexican, and burger shack which is my true love.

Here's my two cents for the week. When I first came to Lynbrook, I was a little bummed but ready to work. Then I realized it looks like a flat Utah and I got really bummed. Then I couldn't wait to leave. Then I got my trainee and settled in for another 12 weeks, not too happy about it. Not that I wanted to leave, but I wanted to leave. I wanted to see the rest of New York, not just A remix of Ogden. But now I'm leaving. Saying goodbye to my friends here has been so so hard! I love these people more than words can describe. I can't imagine my life without them! So here is the wisdom: it might be hard to be happy where you are. It might be hard to feel like you're not moving or progressing. And it might be hard to change and move and progress. But no matter what, do your best to see the good where you are! Enjoy something in every day, even if it's a nice cloud or you have to make something to enjoy like brownies or cookies. But never go to sleep without thanking God for something good and beautiful in the day. I know that as you do that, your various situations, whether you're at the beginning, middle or end of Lynbrook, will be better. God will bless you for your choice to be happy with even more reasons to be happy! I love you all so much! Go rock this week and try something new! Be adventurous! BE HAPPY! Tune in next week for some more big apple wisdom!

With all the love that I haven't already given away to Burger Shack and Lynbrook,
Sister Hannah

PS sorry to Emmie Brown who has heard so much about the shack today.
PPS a member told me to make sure I keep my weight and height in proportion so I'll be attractive to the men when I go home, so there's that. 

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