Monday, December 14, 2015


From: Hannah Fouts
Date: Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 2:53 PM

People of my life! How you be? Bon? Bon! Bay m sa byen! Tell me
everything! Or don't, do whatever makes you feel good.

It's time for some shout outs.
Shout out to my little brother Ben for conquering the mouse in his room.
[Note: He shot it with an airsoft gun and killed. Go Ben!]

Shout out to my parents and aunt for the best Christmas package ever.
[Note: It's true. You other parents can feel free to ask for tips.]

Shout out to tiwi, the annoying black box in our car that yells at me
when I speed.
Shout out to Sister Landaverry for being the best companion evah.
Shout out to the Holy Ghost for helping us not get too lost this week.
Un shout out to the elders who used our gps this week.
Shout out to G and P, who asked who would baptize them and
where they'd be baptized, but still haven't agreed to pick a date.
Shout out to the two less active members who came to church this week
when none of our investigators did. Special shout out to the one who
doesn't have a leg and can't use her left arm due to a recent shoulder
surgery. Big shout out there.
Shout out to Lucky, the giant 7 foot tall black man who put out his
cigarette to watch A Savior is Born. "Not everyone belongs on the
streets, that's why they have sidewalks." Thanks for that big apple
wisdom, Lucky!
Un shout out to our zone leader who asked us to sing at Zone Training
Meeting 3 days before. We sang Far Far Away on Judea's plains because
it's one of the two Christmas songs that have translated into Creole
and they wanted us to sing part in Creole but then changed their
minds, so we just sang the most unChristmasy Christmas song in the
hymn book. It's whatever. Also I still can't sing, the mission hasn't
changed that.
Shout out to the guy who let us in in traffic, that was a good day!
Shout out to M, the sweetest Haitian lady ever who changed her
mind mid sentence about being baptized when she knows the Book of
Mormon is the word of God.
Shout out to "A Savior is Born" because it's basically all we think
about right now.
Shout out to the murderer that didn't kill us in Elmont. I actually
don't know if it was a murderer, but we were just looking up some
people when all of a sudden there were 15 police cars, with more
lights than Temple Square at Christmas time, and maybe 5 or 6 police
dogs. We kept knocking, but weirdly enough nobody answered their

Shout out to our Heavenly Father for sending His Only Begotten Son to
the earth to live for us, to suffer and die for us, and then to live
again for us! The gospel is my favorite and I love being a missionary
and I love New York and I love Creole and I love all of you! I hope
you all have a very merry week, and maybe someone can solve the
mystery of Chanukkah for us. All the signs for Hanukkah spell it
Chanukkah and also we don't even really understand this holiday. At
the mall last Monday there was a dradel(?) spinning contest so that is

Mwen renmen ou anpil anpil anpil!
Pase bon jounen!
Sè Fouts

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